Pita Pit® Canada targets
Quebec for 5-10 NEW
franchised locations
in 2020.
  Franchisee opportunities
in Shawinigan, Victoriaville,
Sherbrooke, Granby
Granby and Gatineau .
  Pita Pit®, the fresh thinking, healthy eating brand founded in Kingston, Ontario, plans to build on the tremendous success stories from Montreal and Trois Rivieres to develop new fast casual restaurant locations across Quebec, partnering with like-minded entrepreneurs from across the province.

As Pita Pit approaches its 25th Anniversary in 2020 – and 20th Anniversary in Montreal - this Canadian original is still the world’s most successful Pita franchise, boasting 230 locations in Canada and almost 600 locations worldwide. Pita Pit was ahead of the “healthy” curve in 1995 with an innovative and alternative “fresh grilled” restaurant model and forward-thinking approach to franchise growth. At Pita Pit a REFUSE TO SETTLE mindset is mandatory for franchisees and therefore the business opportunity may not be for everyone. Pita Pit has always partnered with unique individuals that strive for excellence, are engrained in their respective communities, exhibit strong leadership skills and an unparalleled work ethic.
  « We’re on a mission
to bring fresher,
healthier, more exciting
meal alternatives. »
  “Frankly, we aren’t interested in partnering with franchisee candidates that are simply looking to own any quick service franchise”, says Pita Pit Canada President Kevin Pressburger, “We’re on a mission to bring fresher, healthier, more exciting meal alternatives to Canadians and we believe now is the time to more actively spread this message to Quebec customers that demand more from their restaurant and food options. We believe that this mindset makes us a unique partner and a fantastic business opportunity for the right, like-minded entrepreneur.”

Marc Diotte, Quebec Development Lead for Pita Pit Canada adds that innovation and Fresh Thinking remain core to the Pita Pit Business model as the fast-casual pioneer heads into a highly competitive, more connected future; “Pita Pit remains laser focused on the future and staying connected with customers through their food journeys. We have already built the framework; modernizing our 3.0 design, adding Yogen Fruz frozen desserts and growing our partnerships with 3rd Party delivery partners in Quebec.
  In 2020 we will be expanding our digital footprint by adding our own online ordering platform and rewards program to give customers more options and more value, more often.” Diotte adds that current total investment for a new Pita Pit location ranges from $291,900 to $365,150, with $125K unencumbered cash required from prospective applicants. Franchise royalties are 5% of sales with the General Advertising Fund is an industry low 1%  
Required amount :
Total investment :
Number of restaurants :
Founded in :
$ 125 000
$ 290 000 to $ 365 000
600 worldwide
230 in Canada
2 in Québec

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