The Montreal Bagel Factory


About Us

At Les Cafes VP Inc., we have been developing concepts and franchising our brands on a local, national and international scale for 30 years opening over 150 locations. Our team of professionals has a vast amount of experience in concept development, site selection, construction & design. We focus on product quality, training and overall operations to maximize sales and profitability.

The Montreal Bagel Factory opened company owned locations, perfected the concept and began franchising the brand in 2014.

Today, we have several locations across Montreal, a 4.9 satisfaction rating on social media and expanding rapidly with many franchise opportunities.

Concept & Products

The design is bright & modern as opposed to the traditional dark and dingy bagel shops of days gone by.We take pride in our commitment to quality. Our authentic Montreal bagels are kettle boiled with honey and oven baked to perfection, providing our customers with the ultimate bagel, yet chewy on the inside. Our menu offers a wide selection of mouth-watering bagel sandwiches, a large variety of signature cream cheese spreads, desserts, gourmet coffee, and beverages. We also offer oven-fresh bagels for take-out to be enjoyed in the comfort of your home.

The Montreal Bagel Factory design package is eye catching and welcoming. The bagel preparation process is visually appealing and observed by customers showcasing the freshness of our bagels which are all baked on-site !

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Available Locations

Montreal – Quebec City – Toronto – Ottawa

Available Master Franchises

Western Canada: Vancouver - Calgary – Edmonton – Winnipeg
Eastern Canada: Maritime Provinces

CONTACT US customers


  • Search for location and site analysis
  • Financing advice
  • Plan proposal and facility description
  • Assistance with staff recruitment
  • Training on business operations
  • Marketing support for advertising and
    promoting the launch
  • Assistance with opening the franchise
  • Procurement (exclusive) of raw materials
  • Organization of national campaigns
  • Ongoing in-franchise support
  • Monitoring of franchise development
  • Training on new products
  • Research and development of new products