Most of us think of it as a necessity. But uncommonly good food can elevate the necessary to the inspiring. That's Quiznos. Our menu is an amazing collection of chef-inspired recipes using high-quality ingredients to create hot toasted subs, signature soups and tasty salads. Nearly 30 years ago we pioneered oven-toasting. And we continue to pioneer and lead as one of the top franchises available today. Our food, our oven-toasting, our brand. We're a cut above the rest of those other fast food franchises. Prepare to be inspired.

Back in 1981, when we weren't filling pasta and stirring sauce, our group of culinary-trained chefs created subs in the kitchen of an old Italian restaurant in Denver's Capitol Hill neighborhood. We had the best Italian ingredients at our fingertips: wine-cured Genoa salami, capicola, honey-cured ham, mozzarella. Using our baked artisan breads, flavorful sauces and those primo meats and cheeses, we carefully crafted every sub to create the most unique flavor combinations, including the original blockbuster Classic Italian sub. Once you've tried our food, you'll get it!

The bottom line? A sub so toasty and flavorful, people all over the country - all over the world - are singing its praises. And the rest, as they say, is culinary history!

 What we are offering

Of course today, you don't have to live in Denver to experience the Quiznos phenomenon. With approximately 3,500 restaurants worldwide, the Quiznos franchise owners now span from coast to coast and in countries all across the world. We're one of the best restaurant chains. That's no boast...people love our food!

Sure, there are a number of steps you will take once you decide to buy a restaurant franchise, and Quiznos will work with you each step of the way. In fact, there's an entire team of experienced Quiznos staffers assigned to support and guide you through the process. So, from the time you sign on the dotted line to the day your very own restaurant franchise opens, Quiznos is there to simplify opening and operating your own business.

 Qualities we look for in franchisees

The ideal Quiznos franchisee candidate has management, business ownership and/or marketing experience.

Although previous restaurant experience is an asset, it is not necessarily a qualifying factor. Quiznos offers you a comprehensive and award-winning series of training courses. You begin with an online class which typically can be completed in about 20 hours. Next, you train in a real restaurant in your region for three weeks with a real Franchise Owner as your expert instructor. This offers invaluable hands-on practice for all aspects of running your own Quiznos franchise. You conclude your initial education with one week at Quiznos University in Denver, Colorado where you focus on how to run a successful restaurant. Our coursework is designed to teach you everything you need to know to run your Quiznos.

You continue to improve your skills after your restaurant opens through our Teach and Coach method of operations review.


As part of your net worth, you need $90,000 in liquid assets like cash or stocks which you can use to invest in your restaurant franchise opportunities. Net worth is defined as your total assets; so that's cash, stocks, homes, cars, recreational vehicles, businesses, and so on, less your total debt. You need a total net worth of $250,000.

Once you join our top food franchise system, we share with you our list of lenders that offer third party financing. We work with you to create a business plan for your banker.

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